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You give me hope that someday life is going to be better.

Someday we will appreciate Earth.

Someday nature will be our sacred thing.

Someday we will stop deforestation and air pollution.

Someday our marine life will double instead of dying.

Someday climate change won’t be a threat and global warming won’t be a slogan.

Someday our wildlife won’t be an endagered spicies.

Someday environment day and earth day will actually mean something to us.

Someday I won’t be up at two a.m thinking about my lovely planet but in your arms sleeping.

But until then I will keep fighting for my temple.



I find healing in words.

8 thoughts on “Someday

    1. Thanks Rupali. Honestly I can’t wait to be shooting amazing pictures like you do🤗❤. You motivate me and the fact that you appreciate nature and everything around you makes move you more😂💖. I’m a fan don’t get scared 😂

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      1. Thanks for such kind words Susan.
        Word is your power. Your writing is simple yet appealing. I can’t write 😦
        I learned many things from via wordpress.
        The most important, life is amazing 🙂
        Stay safe and healthy.

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