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Scars or Shadows?

Are memories scars or shadows?

I don’t wanna call my memories scars

Cause they are so much more

My scars can and will fade away

My memories are my shadow

Everyone has it and no one can lose it

My memories will always be a part of me

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They make you go crazy

Say stuff you never thought you could

Make you feel like you are crazy

Yet when you are down they are there for you

When you are winning they are your biggest fans

You can never live without them

You look at them and you are like I love these guys

You are always grateful for them being part of your life

When you turn and hear them laugh you are super happy

Especially when you hear them sing off tune😍😂

Nothing can beat family

And my family is the best

To the moon and back 😍😊


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I Want You

I want you

I crave for your touch

I want you to undress me

I want you to taste the anticipation on my skin

I want you to kiss my inner thighs and make me tremble

I want to get high with just the tip of your tongue

I want you to make me forget myself

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I always think of the coincidences in my life a lot.

I noted something strange

When I’m on the brink of a breakthrough

Something from my past comes knocking unapologetically.

Does this happen to you?

I know what happens when I open that door. And I’m tired of missing my plane.

So today I decided to ignore it but I question myself why is it dragging me down like this? Why I’m I sad?

Will I be able to shut this door or is it supposed to be open like this?

Will I miss this one too?

I end up on another trail of thought and I find myself saying,

“I would like if you miss me, miss me for a bit then let me go.”

“It’s time I fly.”

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Goodbye June.

June has been good and bad to me but I braved the bad days and I made it.

This picture was my highlight of this month. It has so much color contrast that gave me a great vibe.

In nature is where I go to seek peace of mind. To get inspired. Motivated. Meditate and appreciate the imperfections it offers that look perfect.

It basically revives my energies and I am grateful for this particular tree that I took this amazing shot from.

July please be kind to me🤗

Shot by Susann