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I’ve been thinking about this for sometime now.

Reflecting back on the things that happened to me

Re-evaluating all the measures I could have done

But I ended up with the same conclusion each time

“My expectations on others got me hurt”

I decided to have no expectations on people for a change

And surprisingly for a week now

I’m enjoying my peace of mind

My deduction

Have no expectations when it comes to dealing with people

For example,if you have someone who’s mean to you and you keep asking them to stop being mean

They won’t, they will disappoint you every time

But once you stop minding how they act and accept them for who they really are

They gradually change or it’s like they realize your attention is somewhere else and now they start to treat you better

I hope this makes sense to you as it does to me 🤣

Have a lovely week ahead

PS: Stay safe, sanitize, wash your hands, wear your mask, and observe the social distance.

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Scars or Shadows?

Are memories scars or shadows?

I don’t wanna call my memories scars

Cause they are so much more

My scars can and will fade away

My memories are my shadow

Everyone has it and no one can lose it

My memories will always be a part of me

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They make you go crazy

Say stuff you never thought you could

Make you feel like you are crazy

Yet when you are down they are there for you

When you are winning they are your biggest fans

You can never live without them

You look at them and you are like I love these guys

You are always grateful for them being part of your life

When you turn and hear them laugh you are super happy

Especially when you hear them sing off tune😍😂

Nothing can beat family

And my family is the best

To the moon and back 😍😊


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I always think of the coincidences in my life a lot.

I noted something strange

When I’m on the brink of a breakthrough

Something from my past comes knocking unapologetically.

Does this happen to you?

I know what happens when I open that door. And I’m tired of missing my plane.

So today I decided to ignore it but I question myself why is it dragging me down like this? Why I’m I sad?

Will I be able to shut this door or is it supposed to be open like this?

Will I miss this one too?

I end up on another trail of thought and I find myself saying,

“I would like if you miss me, miss me for a bit then let me go.”

“It’s time I fly.”

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You give me hope that someday life is going to be better.

Someday we will appreciate Earth.

Someday nature will be our sacred thing.

Someday we will stop deforestation and air pollution.

Someday our marine life will double instead of dying.

Someday climate change won’t be a threat and global warming won’t be a slogan.

Someday our wildlife won’t be an endagered spicies.

Someday environment day and earth day will actually mean something to us.

Someday I won’t be up at two a.m thinking about my lovely planet but in your arms sleeping.

But until then I will keep fighting for my temple.


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Few Facts About Dogs

I Miss You Rex

Everyone has something they love, for me its dogs. Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend; this is true.

A dog lover is also known as a cynophile.

A lot of people do not know that dogs have feelings, and they are capable of having emotions like jealousy, especially when you pay more attention to a rival dog. 

Another fact about dogs is that they have a great sense of smell, and this helps them to remember their owners.

As a dog lover, you need to understand that a dog is intelligent, and they know how to read cues from us, and they too miss people. 

For a dog handler, you need to be calm and gentle for the dog to feel it belongs since they know how to read energies good and bad from the one handling it. 

A dog knows who loves dogs and who doesn’t from reading into your energy.

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Oh my..

My heart is heavy.

My eyes are tired.

My breath is short.

My throat is tight.

My chest is on fire.


My lips form a perfect smile.