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They make you go crazy

Say stuff you never thought you could

Make you feel like you are crazy

Yet when you are down they are there for you

When you are winning they are your biggest fans

You can never live without them

You look at them and you are like I love these guys

You are always grateful for them being part of your life

When you turn and hear them laugh you are super happy

Especially when you hear them sing off tune😍😂

Nothing can beat family

And my family is the best

To the moon and back 😍😊


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This is for you

Don’t be depressed.

Wake up, be grateful for the air you breathing at the moment.

For the water that you drinking.

For the friends you got.

For your family.

For your health.

Be grateful.

I just want you to remember you are always cared for, missed and definitely loved by someone😍


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I wasn’t ready
It happened too soon

I loved you

But I had to let you go

I thought it was right
At the moment it felt okay

But  now I can’t stop thinking
How it would have been

A part of me died


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The Depth

I want to run to you
I want to hug you tight
I want to protect you

I want the best for you
I care about you
Even at my weakest you still
my favourite

I get hurt when you are hurt
I get lost when you are lost
I lose my mind when you lose your mind

If only you saw what I see
You would understand
My love for you

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Few Facts About Dogs

I Miss You Rex

Everyone has something they love, for me its dogs. Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend; this is true.

A dog lover is also known as a cynophile.

A lot of people do not know that dogs have feelings, and they are capable of having emotions like jealousy, especially when you pay more attention to a rival dog. 

Another fact about dogs is that they have a great sense of smell, and this helps them to remember their owners.

As a dog lover, you need to understand that a dog is intelligent, and they know how to read cues from us, and they too miss people. 

For a dog handler, you need to be calm and gentle for the dog to feel it belongs since they know how to read energies good and bad from the one handling it. 

A dog knows who loves dogs and who doesn’t from reading into your energy.