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You are merciful

You are beautiful

You are glorious

You are wondrous

I’ve seen your face

I’ve heard your voice

I’ve seen your love

You are selfless

You never forsake

I am overwhelmed

All the glory and praise

Belongs to you God

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My dear darling

I have not forsaken you

This is not abandonment

It hurts to be away from you

Memories overwhelm me

Your essence engulf me

When I play your favorite song

This time we shared is sacred

Forever and always

My heart will be grateful

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This is for you

Don’t be depressed.

Wake up, be grateful for the air you breathing at the moment.

For the water that you drinking.

For the friends you got.

For your family.

For your health.

Be grateful.

I just want you to remember you are always cared for, missed and definitely loved by someonešŸ˜