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I am getting used to
Sitting on the patio simply relaxing
Listening to reggae while sipping wine
Walking along the beach
Feeling the ocean with my feet
Caressing the white sand
Listening to the sound of the crashing waves
Appreciating the ambience, silence and
Being at peace with my mind

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Goodbye June.

June has been good and bad to me but I braved the bad days and I made it.

This picture was my highlight of this month. It has so much color contrast that gave me a great vibe.

In nature is where I go to seek peace of mind. To get inspired. Motivated. Meditate and appreciate the imperfections it offers that look perfect.

It basically revives my energies and I am grateful for this particular tree that I took this amazing shot from.

July please be kind to me🤗

Shot by Susann