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I don’t know…

I don’t know if I should ask

I’ve been pondering how we got here.

My past passing through my eyes

Trying to piece back the memories.

When I asked how you felt, you said I already knew

But I wish you had told me instead.

When I said it’s you I want, you said I am not sure

When I asked why you pushing me away, you said it’s for my own good.

When will you realize it’s you I love

How can you be so blind .

When I asked you to leave, I wanted you to stay

Now am back to where it all began.

Realizing I have not lost what I thought I had

How can you lose something you never had?

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Today the clouds turned a shade of grey. The lighting struck, thunder bellowed. And the summoned rain came down hard.

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Oh my..

My heart is heavy.

My eyes are tired.

My breath is short.

My throat is tight.

My chest is on fire.


My lips form a perfect smile.


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Questions I ask

Why does it have to be hard.

If it was meant to be then why is it not working out.

If it’s written then where are the signs

If it’s supposed to be then why is it unbearable.

If everything happens for a reason then when.

When is it going to be right.

When is it going to be easy.

When is it going to be bearable.


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3 Am

I get goosies when I think about you

You’ve been there for me

Since day one

How would I have been happier?

You give me strength

Love and an understanding

You don’t judge me

For my shortcomings

You hold me when I want to fall

You hug me tighter when I need it the most

Being awake now is worth it

Because I am with my best friend

You are my 3am thought


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The Whispers

The whispers…

She says it’s going to get better

It’s going to end

It’s just a voice

She sees images that seem real

She dreams of total darkness

She tell herself it’s paranoia

She weeps

She is okay when they ask

She hear screams

She sees dying souls

She knows it is coming.

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Starry Nights

She is so rare but

When she visits I get freed

She makes me let go of my guard

and let me

Feel things that I hide from the world

Her whispers calm my demons

As she hugs me close

Reassuring it’s going to be okay

And that she’ll be here until it’s over

My best friend and only true friend

The only one who knows how deep am cut

The only one who never leaves

The only one who has seen my broken spirit

And still says it’s going to be okay and

Someday it will be quiet and I

Will find peace.


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It hurts with every breath
My pain is hidden from people I love
I don’t want to be a burden I say
I want to be liberated
I am constantly in my head
I am not strong enough
I have been thinking
A stranger with no conflict of interest
A stranger to liberate my body
This body that doesn’t belong to me.