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You and I

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A Host to Magical Beings

I am an abandoned building with few birds visiting me after sunset. Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times I shelter a few lost souls. I watch them trying to make a home on my floor and I do my best to make them feel comfortable and pray it’s good for the night.

I listen to their groans and my heart breaks. I watch as someone injects a syringe into their beautiful body and I cringe. Some of them puff smoke like my chimney. I wish they would warm me up too sometimes. Is it not right for me to ask for better treatment?

The closest I get to feeling warmth is when they light their tiny sticks. I wish I could keep the fire burning for an entire night. I dread watching someone shiver on my floor and die.

Their souls leave scars on my walls. Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy their company I just miss listening to happy stories, jokes, and laughter. All I hear is pain. All I see are souls on the edge escaping whatever demons they’ve conjured up in their minds.

How can they not know how magical they are? How can they be oblivious of their power? How can they not harness their magic? How can they not see how marveled I am to be in their presence? How can they not feel the love within and around them?

I wish I had hands to hug them. I wish I could speak to them and whisper words of comfort to their burdened hearts. For now, all I can offer is a place for them to call home for a short time and I am happy to be their host.

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New Events

Day 233

It’s time for me to let go
Let go of old habits
Old habits that are limiting
It time for me to let you go
Let go of my past
A past that is already gone
It’s time for me to let go
Let go of my mistakes
Mistakes with great lessons
It’s time for me to let go
Let go of yesterday
It’s time for me to let go
Let go of my anxiety
Anxiety that cultivates fear
It’s time for me to let go
Let go of people
People who are not good for me
It’s time for me to let go
Let go of circumstances
That caused hurt and pain
It’s time for me to create
Create space and time
For new events
That align with my soul