She never knew what it felt to being depressed.. Matter of fact the word was never in her dictionary
But now there is nothing she doesn’t know about it. Every bit about it, lives inside her even in her dreams 

It’s her new shadow… She finds comfort thinking about stars 

The pain,kills her everyday… slowly

She smiles and even laugh as a form of celebration

No one thinks she has a problem because her personality is happy but deep down her soul is sad




That moment when you just stare at a blank page
Trying to find the right word to begin with
But no word fits in

You want to let all your emotions out
But today the diary is not your consolation
You feel like a broken machine
Nothing is functioning

Your brain feels dead
Your hand too weak to hold that pen
Your eyes letting out two perfect streams

Where did you go wrong?
How did you get here?


You remember the statement
‘Ask and it shall be given’
And all you manage to ask for is
‘God let me die’

Forgetting that amidst that pain
Lies a beautiful soul
Full of love and energy
And that
The four words should be
‘God give me strength’


I didn’t know what love is until I met him, he prefers to be anonymous even though it kills me not saying his beautiful name.When you love someone you just know it
It happened the first time I saw him
I don’t know about you but believe me, if you haven’t found your soulmate he is also looking for you out there
I believe in love and I know it conquers all evil
I just want to be an encouragement to people and change their lives someday
My life, well is not perfect. I got my ups and downs despite being in love
Life is very much fair and that’s why it throws curve balls for us to make it right
He is practically sited next to me as am writing this
I do love my Munchkin.
Okay lemme stop gloating 😊
There is love for everyone out there
You will find yours when time is right or wrong either way
Just embrace it
It will be the best thing.
Thank you for taking time to read this.


I love this life but it reaches a point where you just have to sit down and take a break

Review every move you’ve ever taken to a point you question your sanity

This got me thinking…..

What  you do when no one is watching

Is it questionable???

Your life should be inside-out.