Nothing comes easy
Be grateful to all those around you
Be contented,share and show kindness
Don’t take it for granted.
Be thankful,love and enjoy being loved
Don’t waste your chance.
Leave a mark.


I didn’t know what love is until I met him, he prefers to be anonymous even though it kills me not saying his beautiful name.When you love someone you just know it
It happened the first time I saw him
I don’t know about you but believe me, if you haven’t found your soulmate he is also looking for you out there
I believe in love and I know it conquers all evil
I just want to be an encouragement to people and change their lives someday
My life, well is not perfect. I got my ups and downs despite being in love
Life is very much fair and that’s why it throws curve balls for us to make it right
He is practically sited next to me as am writing this
I do love my Munchkin.
Okay lemme stop gloating 😊
There is love for everyone out there
You will find yours when time is right or wrong either way
Just embrace it
It will be the best thing.
Thank you for taking time to read this.


I love this life but it reaches a point where you just have to sit down and take a break

Review every move you’ve ever taken to a point you question your sanity

This got me thinking…..

What  you do when no one is watching

Is it questionable???

Your life should be inside-out.




She has been trying hard to get what she want

Forgetting what she need is more important

She did this by taking the wrong turn

Looking at what she has achieved

She feels empty

Yet all her answers are within reach

All she needs to do is stretch


She wants to be saved

Forgetting she already  met her saviour.



I can’t help not to think about you because you are always on my mind. Heard this corny line from a song by my upcoming favorite artist too, you know my favorite one, she is a great singer and I love all her songs that I have….Well the line went like “love brings you flowers and builds you coffins.” I don’t want our love to ever die, I don’t want to one day be soaking my pillow at night, I don’t want to ever feel lonely, I want to be able to have the meaningful and funny conversations like we usually do forever, I want us to keep planning on how we going to take over the world and laugh at our silly but serious ideas, I don’t want your laughter to be a memory, I need you so bad. You make me happier by far. If at all love does build coffins then I want to share one with you. Please don’t ever let what we share fade and be like we never happened I don’t know how to live without you, you give me a bearing and I have come to rely on you. Darling I hope you will read this mail someday see how much I love you. Please don’t let me down I don’t want to drown in my tears and the sadness not forgetting how much I will terribly miss you. I truly love you Munchkin there can’t be anyone else who I will love like you. Don’t let me live in the memories we share alone, I don’t want to ever count on the promises that we will leave unattended to. Let our love be a monument to be admired by all in love. I will always love you, you my shining star.




I am trying to understand this strange thing called love. I know it’s a mixture of strong emotions, feelings and depths of caring for another person rather than yourself. So for example when your significant other says you don’t care for them it gets confusing. It beats logic when they say you love them but don’t care for them. So what’s caring? I know both go together when it comes to romantic relationships, its true you can care for someone and not love them; this applies mostly to friends…. When you know you would die for your significant other out of loyalty. You take their pain as your pain; you stick with them through thick and thin…. Can you really love someone and not care for them?