You say you like her but it’s not the right time
The common excuse.

You say you wanna be with her but can’t

I dont get it, are you for real?

You say you don’t talk to her because it will be awkward

Of course it’s not meant to be easy.

You say she makes you weak but you don’t want to be with her

Am super angry.

But because you are one selfish human

You kiss her

And run away

Who does that?

You toy with her feelings because she really likes you

You get her confused

You make her stay up thinking about you

And don’t even check up on her

Why are you like this?

How is it even possible to be this selfish?

How do you live behind that closed door?



Everybody hides 

Everybody has a reason 
Some don’t want to be judged

Some don’t want to be seen

Some don’t don’t know why
They wish somebody would see

See they are hurting

See they are lost

See they need help
They wish somebody would care

Care enough to seek them out

Care enough to love them

Care enough to be there

When needed the most


She never knew what it felt to be depressed

But now 

Every bit of it lives inside her

Haunting her once pleasant dreams 
With no one to save her
She finds comfort in the pain
Anxiety is her new best friend
But still
She keeps her smile and
laughter alive 
Hoping no one will see the cracks

Of her broken soul.



I didn’t know what love is until I met him.When you love someone you just know it
It happened the first time I saw him
I don’t know about you but believe me, if you haven’t found your soulmate he is also looking for you out there
I believe in love
I just want to be an encouragement to people and change their lives someday
My life, well is not perfect. I got my ups and downs
Life is very much fair and that’s why it throws curve balls for us to make it right
There is love for everyone out there
You will find yours when time is right or wrong either way
Just embrace it
It will be the best thing.
Thank you for taking time to read this.


I can’t help not to think about you because you are always on my mind. 

Heard this 

“love brings you flowers and builds you coffins.”

 I don’t want our love to die, I don’t want to one day be soaking my pillow at night, I don’t want to feel lonely

I want to be able to have the meaningful and funny conversations

I want us to keep planning on how we going to take over the world and laugh at our silly but serious ideas

 I don’t want your laughter to be a memory. If at all love does build coffins then I want to share one with you. 

Don’t ever let what we share fade and be like we never happened. 

Darling I hope you will read this mail someday see how much I love you. 

Please don’t let me down I don’t want to drown in my tears and the sadness not forgetting how I will terribly miss you. 

 Don’t let me live in the memories we share alone, I don’t want to ever count on the promises that we will leave unattended to.

 Let our love be a monument to be admired by all in love